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I Remember Who You Are

Have you forgotten who you truly are?

If in this hasty life, where hurries and worries press upon your day,
Let me remind you of who you truly are,
For I remember.

I remember that…

You are the most beautiful, most amazing child of the Universe
You deserve above all else to live a joy-filled, happy, exciting life

This does not mean that you will never be sad or unhappy,
This does not mean there will never be bumps upon the road you travel

What it truly means is that
You deserve every smile, hug, grin and kindness that another shares with you
You deserve to enjoy the warmth of the sun and to dance in the rain
You deserve to gaze in awe at the millions of stars in the night sky
And listen in rapture to the song of a bird
You deserve to see the wonder in all that surrounds you

And above all, you deserve to remember
Remember, that there truly is no one else as special as you are.

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Take care, keep smiling and be happy.

About Li-ling

Li-ling is passionate about living life happy and believes that everyone deserves a happy life. Be Happy HQ is where she shares this message with the world. She very strongly believes that happiness is a choice and that we only need to know how to make this choice, even under challenging circumstances. She reads everything and anything that strikes an interest from motivation and self- help books to biographies and fiction.


  1. Poetry that feels the soul.

    I love it!

  2. Li-ling – lovely poem and you are indeed a poet. We often go around living like we don’t deserve so many things, including beauty, love, success, happiness etc but we absolutely do. Your poem is a wonderful analogy telling us we deserve all of that and more. We tell kids that they are special and unique all the time but we as adults need to be reminded of this message as well. Thank you for sharing your creative talents through this poem:) (as you did with the present moment poem as well!!)

  3. Hey Vishnu! You are too kind. What you say is very true indeed, there is nothing different in the extra-ordinaryness of each and every one of us, even though we may have long grown up past the age of being told so. Really appreciate your stopping by. Thanks.

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