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I wish you all smiles

My Wishes for You…

When I was a young slip of a child in Primary school, we went through a mad phase of collecting each others autographs. The logic quite defies me now, as we were all going on to the same secondary school mainly, but the excitement of getting someone else to fill in your book with corny poems, decorate it with pretty stickers and oh the joy and pleasure in looking through just what this friend had to say about you, to you, for you – what fun!

All those many years ago, I’ve since forgotten most of the messages and rhymes, but for some reason, one of my childhood best friends (whom I’ve long lost contact with) wrote this little poem, perhaps she copied it from somewhere, I don’t know – but it continues play itself in my head, for there is such greatness in the simplicity of it’s message and such depth in it’s honesty.

Today, I want to share it with you, my friend.

I wish you all smiles, new adventures, new friends,
I wish you the best of everything,
To match the best in YOU.

And one more wish I have,
More for me than for you,

I wish I could be there
When all of these wishes come true.

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Take care, keep smiling and be happy.

About Li-ling

Li-ling is passionate about living life happy and believes that everyone deserves a happy life. Be Happy HQ is where she shares this message with the world. She very strongly believes that happiness is a choice and that we only need to know how to make this choice, even under challenging circumstances. She reads everything and anything that strikes an interest from motivation and self- help books to biographies and fiction.


  1. Hi Li-ling,

    What a brilliant poem!
    As you say it is simple and clear. What I find amazing, is how such a profound poem was written by such a young person. This is wonderful!

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