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Blocks – what are they and are they real?

Right up until early last year, I had always only associated the term ‘block’ with writers, as in, writers block, a phrase so stigmatised that some writers are loathe to even say the words.

Little did I know that a whole world of other blocks existed – financial blocks, emotional blocks, career blocks and subsequently entirely new fields of life coaching have grown up and developed around the possibility of helping people clear their blocks.

I am a big believer that The Universe (God, you Higher Self etc) is continually working in our favour, helping us to achieve the great desires that we have identified. At times however, we find that things continually don’t seem to work out the way we want them to, or the way we imagine that they should.

What are blocks?

The funniest thing of all, is that once we understand that things ARE always working out in our favour, we realise just how many limitations we actually place on our own experiences.

We, by our very human nature, seek to define and distinguish between the possible, probable and the impossible ‘never in this lifetime’ experiences, in doing so, we immediately limit our views and perceptions.

We almost always choose what is logical, as defined by our very human existence, over the infinite possibilities that may occur beyond the logical sequences that we can think up in our own minds.

So, these are what our own blocks are made of – the limiting factors that we place upon ourselves.

Sometimes they are overt and clear. Often though, they lie dormant, buried deep under layers of perceptions and beliefs that we are not aware of and therefore unable to peel away. While the conscious thoughts and programmes may be at work trying to plan and steer life down a certain yellow brick road, this desire for something better is seemingly ‘blocked’ by an even stronger subconscious desire for something else.

Several years ago, we identified the need to move away from where we were living (lovely home, small quiet village) back to a city we loved and had always felt drawn to. Upon identifying this need, we set to work making preparations for a house sale, making plans for moving, new schools all things that would need planning and looking at.

Six months later, the house was still on the market, nothing changed. So we settled back in to a ‘comfort zone’ still with the conscious intention of needing to move, but not quite being able to identify the reasons that were stopping us.

It was not until a couple of years later, when it became clear (this was during a meditation session) that the only thing holding us back from moving really was our attachment to the home we were living in. Although all our outward actions pointed towards moving, internally, we were still very comfortable and happy and very much settled in our ‘home’.

With that realisation, came the affirmation ‘I am ready to move on’ and along with that all actions from then on, centred on the possibility of moving out at short notice.

Being Open to Possibilities

The impossibilities of what happened next are seemingly beyond comprehension. Within the space of three weeks, we bought a new car, got a new puppy (both of which had been on the back burner, and ideas that had been toyed with for years!) and moved house! Every thing ‘fell’ into place, with very little planning on our part.

It very much seemed as if we were just riding a wave and going along for the ride.

One thing for certain I learnt of that experience is the definitive truth that things are always working out for each and every one of us. Even though we may never be consciously aware of the choices we make, we may say ‘I never asked for this rotten experience’ or ‘I never asked to be ill’, the fact is, we ask in so many ways beyond our use of words.

And so it leaves us to remember, that at the very core of all our existence is all of our own great desires to live a happy, fulfilled life. If we lived moment by moment, headed towards that one goal – what a delicious life it would be.

Do you have experience identifying and breaking down ‘blocks’ that have stood in your way?

Remember, keep smiling and be happy.

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About Li-ling

Li-ling is passionate about living life happy and believes that everyone deserves a happy life. Be Happy HQ is where she shares this message with the world. She very strongly believes that happiness is a choice and that we only need to know how to make this choice, even under challenging circumstances. She reads everything and anything that strikes an interest from motivation and self- help books to biographies and fiction.


  1. Lovely post Li-Ling :) My personal cure for getting through blocks is to simply get started on whatever it is I need to do. It takes a bit of willpower to do so at first, but the practice has paid tremendous dividends the more I do it. I think a lot of people wait for inspiration to strike them before they start something, without realizing that by simply starting, the inspiration almost always follows.

    • Hi Chris, There is great truth in what you say about simply starting. There is also a difference though, between working from an inspired place and pushing through because one ‘has to’. We don’t often have a choice between the two, nor can we always tell, but taking action is a very important step forward.

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