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The Essence of Us

What if today, and everyday, we looked at everyone,
all the people around us,
all the people we come in contact with,
and saw
Beyond the colour of their skin
Beyond the style of the hair
Or the clothes that they may wear

If we looked well and saw
In the people around us
Beyond the words that they may choose to speak of
Beyond the actions that seem to define their
Ideas, ideals and principles

What if in each and every person we encountered
We noticed and realised
That beyond all of these externalities
And perceptions in our own minds
We saw the gifts and treasures
So wonderfully embedded deep within
That each and every person we encountered
Was in essence a solid treasure of pure gold.

Knowing this, believing this,
Just how would you treat
Each person you come in to contact with
Today and everyday?

About Li-ling

Li-ling is passionate about living life happy and believes that everyone deserves a happy life. Be Happy HQ is where she shares this message with the world. She very strongly believes that happiness is a choice and that we only need to know how to make this choice, even under challenging circumstances. She reads everything and anything that strikes an interest from motivation and self- help books to biographies and fiction.


  1. beautiful :) One of my favorite parts about people is that no matter how much our minds might want to discount them, every single one of them has a story that’s just as compelling as our own.

    (by the way, every time I try to comment using CommentLuv–I think that’s what it’s called–a form pops up that asks me to log into your site..)

  2. Chris, I’m really glad this poem spoke to you. How right you are in that every one has their own story, no less and no more as important as our own.

    Thanks very much for letting me know about Comment Luv – I’ve hopefully resolved the issue now.

  3. hey Li-ling – excellent poem here which talks about the value of people and how we should really treat them. LEt’s try to see the good in others but also let’s try to remind ourselves of where people are at in life (their stories, struggles and dificulties) as well that we are all connected by the human spirit. Our ego reminds us we are different but our spirit should remind us we are all made of the same cloth and share the same humanity.

    If we operated this way, it would be a lot easier to live a life where we take care of and look out for each other. A place where we can apply and practice the golden rule in life.

  4. reflectingalife

    Hi Li-ling, this was just beautiful.
    We are all one, if we’d remember this our world would be made all the more lovlier.

  5. VIshnu, Lovely to see you here again. Looking out for our similarities rather than our differences – what an amazing world that would be.

  6. I can’t describe the beauty of this poem, its so deep within and totally reality oriented stuff. Something which a normal person refuses to ponder upon i.e. the inner self.

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